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January Resident of the Month

January 24, 2023
Meet Johnstown Pointe’s January Resident of the Month, Evelyn Pinner!

Evelyn, also known as Evie, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 5, 1939. She lived there until she found and married her husband, Charles. After they got married, they lived with his parents while he looked for employment. He ended up moving to Stockton, California, to continue his job search and lived with his grandparents while Evie stayed home in Ohio to take care of the children. After he got a job, the family moved all over California, from San Francisco to Petaluma to Sacramento, and didn't move back to Howard, Ohio, until 1977.

While living in Howard/Mt. Vernon, Evie worked as a Nurse Aide at Country Court Nursing Home. She enjoys playing cards, specifically 5 Crowns, and she loves to be the one keeping score. Evie loves Cheesecake and Chinese food, especially Chop Suey! Her favorite travel destination is Cleveland because she has a lot of friends and family there. Finally, her favorite hobbies are sewing and quilting.

Evie is such an interesting person, and we're so happy to serve her here at Johnstown Pointe. If you get a chance, you must stop and talk with her! Thank you, Evie!

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