383 W Coshocton St. | Johnstown, OH 43031


I have never been to a nicer facility. Johnstown Pointe is beautiful. What stands out to me the most is the staff. Everyone will drop what they are doing to help you. The staff is so nice and I am thankful for them. The food is amazing! I would recommend Johnstown because of the excellent care I receive and everyone is happy to be here! I am very happy that I found Johnstown Pointe and recommend it to all!


As I got comfortable at Johnstown I was overwhelmed by the positive care I’ve received. Everyone is so professional and kind. The care is spectacular and the food is amazing! I have been so happy since the move and I recommend this to all!


I would recommend Johnstown Pointe to all! I have got excellent care here and the therapy department is amazing. One thing that surprised me the most was how big the facility is and how awesome the food is. It is super tasty and that is hard to come by. I am so happy that there is an amazing nursing home in Johnstown again and I can’t thank the staff enough for all they have done.


The physical beauty of Johnstown Pointe is what initially attracted me to this facility, but after having my husband here for a few weeks, I found the real beauty lies in the heart and souls of the people who work here. Everyone. The administrative folks, the janitorial staff, the dining room staff, the doctors and therapists are all extraordinary people. But the real heart and soul of this facility lies in the nursing and STNA staff! They are the most compassionate and kind group of people I have ever met. They always made sure my husband was comfortable and always went the extra mile to make sure every one of our needs and wishes were met. I visited several nursing facilities, read reviews and researched the Medicare website for ratings before settling on Johnstown Pointe. I am glad I made the right decision. If you are ever in the position that you or your loved one need nursing home care, I encourage you to check out Johnstown Pointe.


My brother, Steve, spent his last days in the care of the staff at Johnstown Pointe. He was my only brother and I loved him dearly. I can honestly say that he was not only cared for but treated with respect during his stay.

The staff was courteous and kind and not only cared for Steve, but for our entire family. When Steve passed, the entire Johnstown Pointe staff lined the halls and sang “Amazing Grace” as he was transported away.

If there is ever a need for a nursing facility or rehabilitation center, please consider Johnstown Pointe. I will be eternally grateful for all they did to help my brother.


You have a great facility. Your therapy staff is very good. They passed on a good bit of knowledge in order for me to get home. They were always very patient with me when I was having a bad day but always encouraging and giving me confidence. Your nursing staff is great, even being short handed, they still took the time to make sure I had everything I needed especially nurses Stacia, Iva and Amanda. They are fantastic.


We feel very blessed to have found this facility for my husband to rehab after back surgery. All staff have been wonderful not only to my husband but to me. The facility is bright, clean and cheerful. I would highly recommend Johnstown Pointe if you or a loved one are in need of a nursing home.

Linda C.

I would recommend Johnstown Pointe to anyone looking for short-term rehab care. I chose Johnstown Pointe because we were in the middle of moving from West Ohio to Johnstown. In my past, I have not had good experiences at other facilities but Johnstown Pointe is amazing. One thing that stood out to me is how friendly the staff is. The food is also delicious! The location is one of the main reasons I chose Johnstown Pointe. It is close to New Albany and right off the main drag on 62. I would recommend Johnstown Pointe because their therapy department is talented. They help you get back on your feet and moving. Johnstown Pointe is the best facility in Licking County in my opinion! I highly recommend them for your loved one! Thank you to all the amazing employees of Johnstown Pointe!

Fredrick H.

I am very impressed with the facility. The Johnstown Pointe staff is wonderful and very helpful. They bend over backward to help meet my needs. The facility is extremely homey and is new. There are plenty of amenities to enjoy! The grounds are absolutely beautiful. There are several lounge areas to relax in with comfortable seating. I highly recommend Johnstown Pointe’s Nursing Care!

Linda M.

Everyone has been so friendly & we have had questions or concerns addressed in a timely manner. It is bright & inviting facility. They have activities & events for the residents. The PT team has been working with our family member on increasing their strength. We can already see they are getting stronger & more engaging & interactive with us & the staff. It has only been a few weeks but so far we've been very pleased with the facility. You can always call & schedule a tour & I’m sure they can answer your questions. Thank you for taking care of our family member & their needs.


From our first inquiry with Johnstown Pointe they were nothing but professional and caring. We felt it was the best facility for our loved one. The facility is extremely clean, well-maintained, and very warm and inviting. It was beautifully decorated for the Christmas holiday which brightened our loved one when arriving after spending Christmas in the hospital. The staff were very helpful, caring, supportive and informative. The aides and nurses were always attentive, engaging and friendly with our family. The physical therapist worked hard with our loved one so she could get back home quickly and safely. We would highly recommend Johnstown Pointe.

Melinda B.

Outstanding in every aspect.

Peter T.

The Staff is very professional and capable but, more importantly, they truly care about the residents, and that includes Administrative, Nurses, STNA's, Activities, Dietary, and Housekeeping.
The surroundings and environment at Johnstown Pointe are the best, affording a comfortable home for the residents.
State of the Art is the only way to describe the building and landscaping.
All in all, you'd be hard-pressed to find any place nicer than Johnstown Pointe Nursing Facility.

Fred S.

Johnstown Pointe is an amazing very beautiful place. From the moment you step in the door to the business office, the Director of nursing the social worker and financial person, the activities, the Director, and all the staff. They were all very helpful and wonderful in making you feel your loved one is in the right place. The place is very clean and bright, which makes for a wonderful atmosphere for the people. My Mother-in-law is happy there and well cared for. They communicate well with the family and we could not be more happy with this place. We feel blessed she is there and happy!

Sheila M.