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Walk on Mentality With Russell Doup

January 18, 2023
Last week, all of us at Johnstown Pointe had the pleasure of listening to Russell Doup, a member of The 2014 Ohio State University National Champion football team, share some insight on the Walk on Mentality. The Walk on Mentality is simply how to make the best of any situation. Russell is a motivational speaker and his goal is to inspire people to believe they are capable of more than they think they are.

We were enthralled by his stories of high school and how he was recruited by his teammates and coaches to play football. In high school, he didn't even play football until his senior year when the kicker got hurt in a soccer game, so he decided to join the team. That was not his plan for the future, but by sticking to it, showing up every day, and working hard, he managed to be a successful high school football player. He ended up playing in six football games before going to OSU.

So what made him think he could play at the college level? He went to a kicking camp his sophomore year of high school and met former OSU kicker, Dan Stultz. Dan gave Russell a flier, and years later, Russell’s dad found it in his office. They sent Dan an email, not knowing if it still worked, but Dan emailed back, offering to work with Russell for a day. Dan suggested that Russell try out to kick in college. So, Russell decided to make a recruiting tape and ended up at OSU.

His story is so amazing! Everyone who attended, including residents, family, friends and employees, left that evening feeling inspired and motivated by his presentation. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, make sure you go! The evening was topped off with a few giveaways.

Thank you to Russel Doup for visiting us and sharing your story.

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